Preppers Home Invasion Security Defense: Hardening the House for SHTF

This video was inspired by 2 videos: They got me thinking :)



I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on hardening your home for security purposes and protection in case the SHTF. What have you done, What would you still like to add? If money were no object (In know, I know hardee-har-har ;) what would you construct?

A couple of thoughts:
All the supplies are useless if we cannot protect them.
All homes can be breached no matter how extensive any security system is.

Stay safe everyone :)

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper :-)

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How would I be able to work for White House security and intelligence I am currently an Australian Citizen.?

I’m sixteen, I have future career aspirations to be able to work for White House Security or for Intelligence for Homeland Security or the Pentagon and live in Washington D.C but I am an Australian citizen. I understand to work for US federal government I would need to become a US citizen but what’s the pathway for me if I want to do that and how long will it take? Also while I’m living and working in the US for the set amount of years before being eligible to apply for citizen what type of job should I do to gain experience for being able to work for Security and Intelligence?

you’d have to become a citizen first and to do that you’d need to be in green card status for 5 years before that. how long it would take to get a green card would depend on how you qualify. check out for information on the various ways to qualify. even after you do all this, you’d still need to get clearance. you could join the military while in green card status. that sort of background would help with the sort of thing you have in mind, although you’d probably need citizenship to get into intel. however, if you’re active duty you can get citizenship in one year rather than .

What changed have been made in the airport security in usa after the 9/11?

Can for example an arabian person travel via a plane without getting randomly picked for control-check?

The TSA is one thing that started its existence after 9/11 –
Airplane cockpit door modifications –
All baggage are being X-rayed instead of "some" –
Some pilots are armed –

The question about "Arabian person" does not exist in USA –
Discrimination is against USA law –

Other nations openly discriminate = El Al Security (Israel) –
El Al has the best security and feels security mandates discrimination…
I once flew as passenger on Air France out of Tel Aviv (in 2003) –
I was subject to increased security for boarding –
TLV airport security knew I was a 747 pilot –

I questioned the two security agents –
"Isn`t the fact that I am an airline pilot evidence I would not be a terrorist?" –
They answered…
"As 747 pilot, you are able to take over an airliner and be a terrorist…!" –
I see their point…!

1994 Brinks Home Security Video Manual

This is a the Manual for the Brinks Security System. Look at it’s worth, laugh at the fashion or tremble before monochrome computers!
All rights reserved to respective copyright and trademark owners, (C) 1994, A EDS Video/Film Services Production

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gas safety device

Gas Secura device is a device with advanced safety features, used for Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders. It has a high pressure control sensor with a safety valve and a pressure gauge. Gas Secura provides unique solution on Gas Leakage.

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What are travel essentials when traveling to the USA?

I am traveling to the USA and it is a 9 hour flight.. What are essential travel toiletries and things to do on the plane?

Loop your charger cables through your carry-on abd plug in, and then you cannot forget them on the travel day. Bring two sets of plug adapters, one for checked luggage and one for carry-on. It takes all night to charge a telephone or phone.

Make two copies of your itinerary just in case. Same goes for the passport stuff. Bring two extra photos and the photo page of your passport. Store these in your security wallet. If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair.

Bring a camera, even the small ones will work OK. Bring several extra memory cards. Change the memory card in your camera every couple of days just in case.

DVD’s you buy in the USA may not, probably won’t, work. They are designed to work in Region One.

Don’t expect your telephone to work, though it could. Look online for a solution to this. You can buy cheap phones in the USA on pay per month arrangement, and that should work just fine.

A transatlantic flight will have a small TV screen on the back of the seat in front of you.

I like to use the pocket sized kleenex. And also bring wet hand wipes. Easier to use these wet wipes than a liquid or gel.

Business Travel Forum – Travel Security: Where Does The Buck Stop?

In this episode of Bloomberg TV India & ATPI’s Business Travel Forum, Vikram Oza engages with Accenture’s Amarnath Lal Das, JinKorp International’s Balesh Jindal, Tata Communications’ C.T. Sadanandan and Travel Security Services’ Rashmi Dastidar to discuss the risks and issues that travellers face. The panel seeks to answer the question: Does the responsibility lie with the management or the travel management company?

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